New York Times Reports: "Judge Allows Redlining Suits to Proceed"

Judge Allows Redlining Suits to Proceed Two cases, one stemming from practices in Memphis and another in Baltimore, accuse Wells Fargo of steering black clients to expensive subprime loans. The Article reports: "The City of Memphis and Shelby County have not alleged that Wells Fargo lending practices resulted in a host of social and political ills plaguing entire sections of the community," Judge Anderson wrote in a 32-page order. "Rather plaintiffs contend that defendants have targeted individual property owners with specific lending practices (reverse redlining), resulting in specific effects (foreclosures and vacancies) at specific properties, which in turn created specific costs (services and tax revenue) for local government." Judge Anderson's ruling came two weeks after Judge J. Frederick Motz, of Federal District Court in Maryland denied Wells Fargo's attempt to dismiss a similar lawsuit brought by the mayor and city council of Baltimore. Two previous versions of that lawsuit, claiming reverse redlining, in which the bank steered African-Americans toward more predatory loans, had been dismissed by the court

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