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NEWS NEWS NEWS The 212th edition of Never Too Late is out!CopyrightIn A 12th centuty tale of an orphan work (it’s all about the teeth), Kat Neil J. Wilkof reports on the fascinating inquiry into the author of orphan works in a pre-copyright law times. This inquiry involves, among others, dental records and pigments and suggests the role of women creators in medieval times.Kat Eleonora Rosati analyses AG Szpunar Opinion in Spiegel Online, C-516/18. This Opinion advises the CJEU to rule that the exception within Article 5(3)(d) of the InfoSoc Directive requires one to consider the purpose of the quotation at issue, and that the fundamental rights like freedom of expression do not allow EU Member States to go beyond the catalogue of exceptions in Article 5 therein to envisage new exceptions or even introduce a general fair use clause. In Drinking culture: what's wrong with it? Katfriend Federica Pezza discusses the Italian dispute regarding street artist Jorit…

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