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My husband and I have been living apart since August 2010. We have two daughters, who live with me, one in college, one in middle school My husband has been a long time diabetic completely non-compliant with his health and simply does not care. He is completely blind in one eye, has VERY limited vision in the other, lost a leg 6 years ago, the other foot is excessively bad, and more. All of this lead to depression, lack of bathing, and severe emotional and verbal abuse, leading to our seperation. Last week he had a minor heart attack, doesnt take those meds either, and then a double bypass. This past Wednesday he had a stroke and has been on a ventilator that they hope to wean him from tomorrow. Scans show he has had prior stroke, and I have yet to hear back from heart doc or neurologist. His nurse today, when I called stated that he should not be living on his own and even is he recovers from this, which is questionable as to the extent, may require a nursing home or at the least home health. I rent an apartment, do not own my car, have very little in the bank, make half way decent money, but not tons, we live check to check basically. How much legal obligation can they now hold me to if he needs a home? I know FL does not recognize separation. If there are no assets, and no dispute on kids, will beginning a divorce now help my situation? I am sorry if this sounds harsh to some, but I have to look out for my girls, who have been thru so much with him, as have I. Thank you for listening and your help.

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