My Contract Partner Has Breached Our Express Oral Contract. What Rights Do I Have in Florida?

Certainly, it is preferable in any commercial setting to make sure that the terms of any contractual agreement are carefully negotiated and then put down in writing in a clear and accurate written document. Sometimes, though, the reality of business is different, and some commercial agreements are consummated through express oral contracts. Oral contracts are potentially valid and enforceable in the Sunshine State. When the party with whom you’ve contracted breaches your express oral contract, it is extremely important to understand what the law requires in order to achieve a successful result in your breach of contract action; or, more directly, it is important to make sure that you have experienced South Florida commercial litigation counsel to present the arguments you need and pursue the outcome you deserve.Florida courts have made it clear that, to advance a case of breach of an express oral contract, you need only to assert that a contract existed, that you…

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