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Music The first half of XIX century. became the time of formation in Russia of the national music school. At the same time creates a Russian national opera. A great contribution to the development of musical art works made Glinka. He created the opera “Life for the Tsar” (we have it for obvious reasons, a long time was known as “Ivan Susanin”), “Ruslan and Lyudmila Mikhail Glinka put on a par with the greatest composers of the world. In its operatic and symphonic works of Mikhail Glinka was the founder of Russian classical music. Among the most talented composers of the first half of the XIX century. treated AA Alyabjev – author of more than 200 romances and songs, AN Verstovsky. A major phenomenon in the history of Russian music was the work of AS Dargomyzhsky. Great success had his vocal works – especially the ballads. Based on the songs and rituals created his opera “Rusalka” – a lyrical musical drama. In the treasury of Russian musical art became opera AS Dargomyzhsky The Stone Guest “, written in the text of Pushkin.


Architecture The development of Russian urban development in the first half of XIX century. stimulate creative exploration of Russian architects. The focus remained on the construction in St. Petersburg. It was during this period, the sum is traditional for a classic look. In the style of mature classicism in the city created a number of monumental ensembles. In the center of the capital, on the Palace Square Rossi builds a building of the General Staff (1819-1829), a little later on the project Montferrand are installed Alexander Column (1830-1834), and in the years 1837-1843. AP Bryullov builds headquarters building Guards Corps. Same Rossi 1829-18E4 years. creates a Senate and Synod building, the Mikhailovsky Palace (1819-1825), Alexander Theatre and is building a whole street (Theatre, now the street. Architect Rossi). In the first decade of the XIX century. St. Petersburg is built Smolny Institute (Quarenghi), the Stock Exchange with rostral columns (Tom de Thomon), Kazan Cathedral (AN Voronikhin). In subsequent years, built St. Isaac’s Cathedral (Montferrand), Main Admiralty (Zakharov). Was passing a stone building and in other cities of the empire. After the fire of 1812 quickly restored Moscow. In provincial towns, along with the stone buildings were built and private large stone house.



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