Most Viewed Law Library Foreign Law Reports of 2018

The In Custodia Legis team has developed a tradition of looking back and reporting on those foreign law reports published that year on the Law Library of Congress website. Our team members also routinely review and report on the most viewed foreign law reports, Global Legal Monitor articles, and In Custodia Legis posts during the passed year. During 2018, Hanibal and I introduced two new reports in two separate blog posts: Library Of Congress. Photoduplication Service, photographer. Clearance of report with Section Chief. Dr. Arahag O. Sarkissian, Analyst, European Affairs; Dr. Merlin H. Nipe, Deputy Assistant Director and Chief of History and General Research Section, 1951. Photograph. Our New Reports on Regulation of Cryptocurrency Around the World; and Law Library of Congress Report Examines Parliamentary Oversight in Eight Countries. Additional foreign law reports published by the Law Library during 2018 include: Sports Betting and…

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