More Hospitals Found To Overdose Patients With Brain Scan Radiation

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The Los Angeles Times (8/3, Zarembo) reports, "Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center and Bakersfield Memorial Hospital are the latest additions to a list of California hospitals where [radiation] overdoses occurred during CT brain perfusion scans." According to officials at both facilities, the scanners had been "programmed…according to the manufacturers specifications." The hospitals, however, "are unlikely to be absolved of responsibility," as "LA County health officials who investigated the County-USC overdoses concluded that the technologists were not paying attention to dose levels during the scans." Meanwhile, "Toshiba issued a statement Monday saying it cannot comment on specific cases because of an investigation underway by the US Food and Drug Administration," adding, "We continue to work with all of our customers to educate them on the dose reduction technologies that we provide on our CT systems."

As more and more hospitals are found to overdose patients with radiation, doctors and health-care providers must be even more diligent to ensure patients are not put at risk.  The consequences of over-radiation can be horrific, even life-threatening.

I represent patients who have been injured as a result of medical errors every day.  The medical mistakes should never happen if reasonable standards are followed.

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