Missouri Voters Face Complicated Choices on Medical Marijuana Taxes

Medical marijuana is currently legal in 31 states. By next year, their ranks are expected to grow—and Missouri is likely to be counted among them. Prior polling shows that a solid majority of Missourians support legalizing marijuana for medical use, making the question less one of whether the voters will authorize medical marijuana this year than how they will choose to tax it. Because, confusingly, voters have three options, and they’re not all mutually exclusive. The first two are constitutional amendments, though you wouldn’t know it to read them. The latter is an initiated statute. The first of the two amendments runs 12 pages, and spells out everything from requirements for mandatory reporters to wrongful termination claims to font sizes on product warnings to the fee imposed for patient identification cards—and the second amendment puts it to shame at 19 pages. By way of comparison, no amendment to the U.S. Constitution would run a full page.…

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