Michigan State Agrees to Pay Sexual Assault Victims $500 Million    

In a May 16, 2018 press release (here), Michigan State University announced that its board of trustees has approved a settlement in which the university agreed to pay MSU doctor Larry Nassar’s sexual assault victims a total of $500 million. There are a number of noteworthy features to this settlement agreement, beyond just its sheer size. Among other things, the school does not yet know for sure how it is going to fund the settlement.   Background Larry Nassar served as athletic trainer and later team doctor for USA Gymnastics from 1986 through 2015. Nassar was also an osteopathic physician at Michigan State University. Starting in 2015, a number of athletes came forward to claim that they Nassar had sexually assaulted them. Some of the alleged misconduct went back as far as 1992. USA Gymnastics cut ties with Nassar in 2015. Many of the athletes filed lawsuits against Nassar and a variety of other organizations seeking damages for the harm they had suffered. As the…

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