Memorial Day DUI Defense from $999 in Reno, Lake Tahoe

While you're out during Memorial Day enjoying time with your friends and family, law enforcement will be out on the roads, too. But their goal will be to write tickets and make arrests, not enjoy the springtime weather. If you're arrested on the roads of Nevada or California this weekend, don't hesitate to contact Reno Criminal Lawyers. It's possible you will qualify for the $999 DUI defense if arrested on a first-offense DUI charge in Reno or Lake Tahoe. As Fox News reports, law enforcement across the country is participating in the "Click It or Ticket" campaign. The current campaign runs from May 23 to June 5, focusing on Memorial Day weekend. So, while police say their goal is to make sure people are driving with their seat belts on, they will also be on the hunt for DUI arrests. And police often use driving without a seat belt or other minor traffic infractions as a reason to pull you over. Here are some reasons police will give to pull you over and investigate you for DUI: Weaving in and out of lanes Not using a turn signal Erratic driving Being in a traffic accident Driving at night without head lights Driving too slowly Once they've pulled you over, they may ask you to participate in field sobriety tests, where they will determine whether to charge you with DUI. In Nevada, first time DUI defendants can spend up to six months in jail, pay thousands of dollars in fines and fees, have to pay for DUI schools, suffer a driver's license suspension and other sanctions. There are dozens of Nevada traffic laws, known as Nevada Revised Statutes 484, so hiring an aggressive defense attorney can mean the difference between conviction and an acquittal or a dismissal of the charges. The penalties for someone with multiple DUIs on their record get higher and higher. These aren't charges that should be handled alone. Don't try to talk your way out of this kind of charge. It will just come back to haunt you. Immediately contact our Reno DUI Attorneys and we will be in your corner.

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