“Material Support for Terrorists” Lawsuit Against YouTube Fails Again–Gonzalez v. Google

This is one of numerous lawsuits against social media providers, seeking to hold them liable for terrorist attacks because they publish third party-provided terrorist-related content. These lawsuits have gone nowhere, including this one. I blogged the dismissal of the Second Amended Complaint. The plaintiffs tried a Third Amended Complaint, but it too fails. Remarkably, the court gives the plaintiffs a fifth chance, but only on one theory. When that theory inevitably fails, the case will be ready for its almost-certainly-futile appeal. Section 230 For the most part, the court treats the plaintiffs’ arguments as reconsideration of its ruling on the Second Amended Complaint. The court recaps: Claims one through four allege that Google violated the material support statutes by permitting ISIS and its supporters to publish harmful material on YouTube, and by failing to do enough to remove that content and the users responsible for posting the material. These claims target…

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