Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents Reverses Decision Awarding Benefits to Employee Injured in Slip and Fall Accident, Based on Lack of Sufficient Evidence

When you are injured at work, you can file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Massachusetts law requires certain employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance, which means that an insurance company will typically be the entity that handles your claim. This can create some headaches, especially considering that most insurance companies do not have injured workers’ best interests in mind. The seasoned Boston work injury lawyers at the Law Office of Michael O. Smith are prepared to help you fight for your right to compensation following a work injury. The Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents recently decided a case involving an insurer’s refusal to pay benefits to an injured worker. The woman in the case was working as a certified nursing assistant when she fell down a staircase at work. The insurer that her employer was using at the time of the accident accepted liability for the claim and paid total incapacity benefits. The…

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