Margulies on Situational Awareness Technology & Precaution in Attack

Peter Margulies (Roger Williams University School of Law) has posted The Other Side of Autonomous Weapons: Using Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Precautions in Attack (The Impact of Emerging Technologies on the Law of Armed Conflict (Oxford Univ. Press, Eric Talbot Jensen ed., 2018, Forthcoming)) on SSRN.  Here is the abstract: The role of autonomy and artificial intelligence (AI) in armed conflict has sparked heated debate. The resulting controversy has obscured the benefits of autonomy and AI for compliance with international humanitarian law (IHL). Compliance with IHL often hinges on situational awareness: information about a possible target’s behavior, nearby protected persons and objects, and conditions that might compromise the planner’s own perception or judgment. This paper argues that AI can assist in developing situational awareness technology (SAT) that will make target selection and collateral damage estimation more accurate, thereby…

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