Making changes to trusts

Californians who have existing trusts may have changes in their lives that make them want to amend the documents. It is important for people who want to amend their trusts to do so correctly.Some types of trusts cannot be amended. However, living trusts can be modified or even revoked. People who just need to make a few changes can include them on amendment forms that they include with their trust documents. If there are many changes that need to be made, it may be a better idea to draft a new trust. Having too many amendment forms with a trust can be confusing for trustees. One drawback of starting over with a completely new trust is that people will have to retitle the assets that are held in the original trust to the new one. A way to avoid this problem is to create an amendment together with a restatement of the trust. This allows people to essentially create new trusts without having to retitle all of the assets.People who want to make changes to their trusts might…

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