Louisiana Legislature Is Designating Family Sections

In effort to make the practice of law more efficient in New Orleans, the Louisiana Legislature is attempting to make two sections of the court practice family law exclusively. This is designed to make it so that litigants will not have to face more than one judge throughout the course of the district court trial of their case, and to make the life of a divorce attorney easier. Currently, the system of allocating judges to a case has, by court rule, three judges assigned to family law. These three judges are the newest to the court. When a newer judge is elected, that judge will take the place of one of the three who moves on the general docket. The result of such a move can be costly for the litigant and the divorce attorney because the new judge must be re-briefed on the case. The Louisiana Legislature's changes require that two judges be permanently assigned to the domestic docket. This means that, instead of rotating out of domestic court, these judges will stay in family court and not move to the general docket after new judges are elected. This law is designed to stop judges from transitory positions in family court. A divorce attorney facing the judge at the beginning of the case should expect that it will be brought to completion with that same person.

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