Local Governments and Chapter 9

A San Diego bankruptcy attorney describes local governments and Chapter 9 bankruptcy. Local governments have to file bankruptcies in many situations. Some local communities are even having to default on their municipal bonds. This is something we may begin to see often within the state of California. Many cities are struggling to find a way to produce investment income that helps them pay for different structures and services. Mayors and city council members are worried about being able to pay for their budgets, and this is why a Chapter 9 bankruptcy is something that scares so many government officials. Government officials want more business to move into their cities. If a city is not able to pay their bills and are struggling to find new assets, they may need to file Chapter 9 bankruptcy. A city may need to hire an attorney who is versed in local governments and Chapter 9 law. An attorney may tell the city to make drastic cuts in their city's services in order to make sure they don't have to struggle through the difficult portions of Chapter 9 bankruptcy code. At Sagaria Law, we offer an exceptional team of bankruptcy lawyers, bankruptcy client care specialists and bankruptcy staff supporting San Diego. If you need help regarding bankruptcy in San Diego, contact us at (760) 579-7322 or 1800.941.6730 for a free consultation or visit us online at www.sagarialaw.com to request a free in person appointment at a Sagaria Law office location nearest you. We can answer your questions regarding filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, bankruptcy litigation, legal debt settlement, mortgage modification, lien stripping, cram down, stopping a foreclosure, wage garnishment, bankruptcy attorneys located throughout California and Oregon to assist you with all your debt resolution questions. Please feel free to complete our free online bankruptcy evaluation to quickly determine if you are a qualified candidate for bankruptcy. We look forward to hearing from you, San Diego!

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