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I’m going to live blog my experiences at this year’s SXSW. I think this may be my first time live blogging, so I may mess this up. You’ve been warned. I have no real agenda, other than to go to as many things as I can on as many topics that I can. It will be a mix of personal interests, business ideas, and curiosity of the weirdness that is Austin and SXSW. Join me on this journey and check back as I update my experiences. – Greg Lambert AI for Storytellers: The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly – Saturday March 9, 2019  2:00 PM Yves Berguist and Jess The quote if the session came from Yves: We are trying to solve 21st Century problems with 22nd Century technology … using 19th Century business structures. The conversation starts with the fear of AI and how it is too smart, and will replace or jobs. It is also about how it will enhance society and may create the next Jimmi Hendrix. Entertainment used to be a part of our lives and now we are…

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