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Bright Milk Deep, “Packaging the door” to promote immunity suspected illegal

HC food industry network Bright Dairy & Food Co., Ltd. is a diversified property stock listed company, mainly engaged in milk and Dairy products The development, production and sales, keeping cows and bulls, training, logistics and distribution, nutrition and health food development, production and sales. This year a bright variety of dairy products continued into the vortex problem, attracting consumers repeatedly questioned. Among them the new product “You Shu lactose-free milk” alleged false propaganda, “clearly has advocated non-sugar lactose,” and the product display “Immune” character, is a consumer to court in Xi’an and other events. For such a well-known brand, but so many problems one after another be exposed, light milk, how to give consumers confidence in it?

The product display “Immune” character, Xian Shanghai Bright Dairy has been a consumer court.

This time, push the court to the people of Xi’an, is the private “professional fake” to Sun Anmin.

According to Sun Jieshao, he is used in conjunction with the children of the production of health to AB100, mild diarrhea before browsing the instructions, the product is only found in ordinary foods, but a prominent position in the printed product, ” for immunity “so contrary to my” Advertisement Law “and other relevant provisions, only to court.

Together with Shanghai Bright Dairy to court were two of Shaanxi China Resources Vanguard Supermarket. Subsequently, the reporters call the Sun Jinhua Road, within the meaning of Vanguard points Complaints Department store staff told reporters that they did not receive complaints about this product, has not attended any form of court, the matter referred Sun to justify.

With Vanguard different, Chen Min, Shanghai Bright Dairy Public Relations, told reporters admitted they AB100 on “strengthening the immune system,” the word really is not relevant approval of the use, now nationwide have all been withdrawn within the product, but on the legal proceedings, Chen Min, said, “Now that to proceedings, the law can only wait for the final verdict.”

“Packaging gate” case Sun Anmin high v. reporters that he was in the evening on August 10 and 11, two in Xi’an, China Resources Vanguard morning shopping to buy food for themselves and their granddaughter, a total of 200 yuan to buy the things, among them Bright Dairy of Health to AB100. “There are bright packaging milk ‘to promote immunity’ words, I was not aware of a problem with the words, always that such a description may be a health food, Health Products People should be useful, go back specifically to drink this milk to the granddaughter of a vial, I drank a big bottle, stomach pain to the results, it may be too cold, may also make milk out of the question, I careful observation on the two milk packaging, and online searching of information light milk and found me to buy this ‘health to 100’ was a kind of food is not health care products, and relevant state law does not allow the efficacy of food promotion functions. I feel there is a feeling deceived, so the complaint on to write, and travel before 12 am to the jurisdiction of the court into custody. “Sun told reporters about.

SUN that violate advertising laws light milk and food advertising temporary regulations on the promotion of health food products functional effect, misled consumers, so people thought that this is a health care products, suspected fraud, according to Consumer Law 49 requirement for light and distributors of milk plant jointly and severally liable, double the return of money, payment of costs.

Shortly thereafter, the proceedings of the court chosen in the Moot Court held in Xi’an University of Finance.

Sun on his own performance in this trial is quite satisfactory. “The scene was much too solemn, grand, the atmosphere is very serious.” Observe the day to about 300 students and teachers, to a huge court the tightly packed, the corridor is also lined up the students, Sun believes that this in a sense of the complaint, both of a pressure defense.

“Although my first experience of such a scene, however, I am a man accused of two face Proxy Man, I do not panic. “Hearing a heated debate continued for two hours, but the judge has not sentenced in court.

Court battle “I had good intentions, hoping to receive the lessons learned through the process get rid of this package on the line, did not expect the two sessions (because I bought two shopping centers in Bright Dairy, the two courts of jurisdiction ) the other party is extremely bad attitude, but accusations and slander the fact that I was in fiction, there is no such thing as a child diarrhea; say that I am not a consumer, I and the litigation that I am employed by the same industry, these words are from the theme on my character and dignity were hurt and more aroused fact that I do not speak the law, dishonesty, resentment trade rules do not speak, I would have thought that for such kind of enterprises can not, on their production and sales of irregularities I need to continue monitoring and reporting, it is every citizen’s rights and obligations, “Sun told reporters about.

Order to preserve evidence, the Sun has dedicated to several large shopping malls to conduct a survey to buy a lot of “illegal goods”, “ready to continue their thin courtroom or to report their violations.”

The focus of debate both sides, it is to “enhance immunity” on the property issue, Sun believes that light can AB100 health food products is common, but packaged in bottles marked the term health food promotion, publicity The product can “enhance immunity,” people mistakenly believe that this is a health food. According to “Provisional Regulations on food advertising,” ordinary food can not promote functional efficacy.

In an interview, Bright Public Relations of Chen Min is admitted to reporters that their health can AB100 really been relevant certificate issued by the health care products, and also gained the slogan of health care products, only in specific use, but must be formally approved by the relevant departments to use.

“To obtain the certificate, in our Dairy Industry also said that what is a very proud, therefore, perhaps because we are too excited, eager to bring the matter to inform consumers, about the certificate, we will be printed on the product above its “Chen explained . When the bright face Sun Anmin

61-year-old Sun Anmin quite a reputation in Xi’an, because long-term commitment to “rights”, Sun is the local media as “rights fighter.” He started seven years ago, human rights activists into a fraudulent purchase, the complaint by the long-term

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