Lifetime Alimony – due to disability

I appreciate your time in replying to my post the situation is as follows: Husband and wife married 10 years; husband employeed throughout the marrige while the wife worked about 50%. Two years prior to divorce the wife is diagnosed with MS and at the time symptoms were severe. Wife petitions for divorce and husband is ordered to pay 25% of his salary to child support + additional medical, schooling, clothing expenses and 25% lifetime alimony due to the wife's MS. The agreement states that if the wife marries or begins part-time employment her alimony can be modified. Fast forward to current: Wife's MS has substantially improved to the point where she is now working about 10 hours per week (not quite part time). Wife is residing with new boyfriend but clearly isn't going to marry him. First, I'm trying to understand how Florida divorce law would make a person finally responsible for another person for a "lifetime". In addition, given the wife's improved MS and revised living conditions should the husband consider seeking leagal advise to see if he can reduce the length of alimony support?

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