LexisNexis Practice Guide: New Jersey Probate and Estate Administration, by Peggy Sheahan Knee

  Probate and estate administration is a dynamic area of New Jersey practice featuring a major revision of the Probate Code (NJS Title 3B) in 2005, further revision of the Code to include domestic partners in 2006, and, the landmark New Jersey Supreme Court decision of Lewis v. Harris (10/25/2006), which instructed the State Legislature to provide the benefits of marriage to same-sex couples via an appropriate statutory remedy, and which sets the stage for additional amendments to the Probate Code. Peggy Sheahan Knee, a principal architect of the revised Probate Code, has written an authoritative, procedurally-driven analysis that is on the cutting-edge of legislative changes affecting intestate succession, domestic partners, elective share, guardianship and which also captures the practical, “how-to” aspects of managing an estate in clear, precise, terms, from inception to completion.

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