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To be an effective lawyer today means something quite different from what it meant even as recently as 10 years ago. Today technology plays an outsized role in our lives. Our cellphones have become inextricably linked to each one of us. In fact, the very term cellphone has become a bit of a misnomer since the cellphone is less of a phone these days and very much more a pocket computer. So, what does technology have to do with becoming a lawyer and practicing as a lawyer? Quite a bit, and so to be prepared to be an effective lawyer, you have to have a vastly different set of skills than what you might have needed 10 years ago. Many of these new required skills have to do with technology. I’m not going to write about what I would call basic tech skills. These would be skills like using Microsoft Word to format documents, using Google Drive for advanced collaboration, calendaring and the like. A recent ABA blog post covers this topic. Instead, I am going to discuss the need…

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