LOUSY LEADERSHIP = LOTS OF LAWSUITS That's the premise of my upcoming FREE May 25 webinar, entitled Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Leadership (In Sixty Minutes or Less). To register, click here. To prepare for the webinar, I'm conducting interviews, surveys, research and analysis on literally every leadership lesson in the history of the universe. The goal is to provide you with simple tools you can use to: (1) identify and grow leaders in your organization, (2) become a better leader yourself and (3) avoid critical leadership mistakes that could land you in court (and maybe even jail). I can't do this without you. Over the next several weeks, I'll be reaching out to you – the world's finest blog visitors – to get your input on a variety of leadership topics. Here's the first cry for help: Who is your favorite leader (and why)? Or, alternatively . . . Who is your LEAST favorite leader (and why)? Feel free to leave a comment below or shoot me an email at blawg@na.manpower.com. As always, thanks for your participation!

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