Law students speak: Why I do public interest work

Maybe you’ve considered doing work in the public interest field, but you’re not sure it’s right for you. Would it help you clarify your thinking to hear directly from other law students throughout the country about the work they’re doing? Here, nine students who’ve devoted part of their law school career to public interest opportunities explain why they chose the path they’ve taken, along with the most satisfying—and most challenging—aspects of their efforts. How TV and reality differ Ashley Zink, 2L Before coming to law school, my view of what happened to someone who’d been wrongly convicted was about as stereotypical as it got. I knew what I saw on TV: There was always clear and obvious evidence of corruption that everyone seemed to ignore, the process of redemption was horrible but exciting, and justice always won out in the end. After living in a world of “Making a Murderer” and…

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