Law students and social media: Do they mix?

For someone who teaches Social Media Law and has written books, articles, and essays on the topic, the answer to the question posed by the title of this essay is an emphatic, “Yes.”  Of course, this does not mean that social media is risk-free for aspiring attorneys.  Like most things, problems can and will arise. For starters, universities including law schools increasingly look at social media accounts of applicants prior to making admission decisions.  Some universities have even revoked acceptance letters upon discovering unsavory online conduct. When deciding whether to admit new lawyers state bars also review social media accounts.  In 2009, Florida became the first state to adopt per se rules governing when it would examine the social media accounts of those seeking admission to the bar.[1]  The Maryland bar has denied admission to at least one applicant for, among other things, inappropriate online postings.[2]  Social media…

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