Law firm websites as a service – SaaS preferable to traditional methods?

Websites have only been around the last fifteen or twenty years – at least for lawyers. In that time the legal website business has become a billion dollar business (basing on the legal yellow page spend plus large law market). But are most lawyers well served by the current method of delivering websites? For most of the lawyers in this country, do they need to be sending, three, five or ten thousand dollars on a website delivered the way they are today? Websites are usually accompanied by monthly hosting and maintenance fees. Modifications usually lead to more charges. That’s a big increase from the first mass law firm website offering, Martindale-Hubbell’s “Law Firm HomePage” that cost $500 per year. What if law firm websites were delivered as a SaaS solution – a cloud based software as a service solution? What would law firm websites as a service mean? There would be a low monthly subscription with no initial fee. The service would be…

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