Law Firm Template Designs: How and Why they Work.

Designers hate the word template. Mention a template design and most designers will scoff. People want unique. They want the best. Being a clone does not sit well with creatives. At the same time, templates work. We have found that templates sites, especially when based on custom designs, work great for law firms, attorneys and solo lawyers. We can design a custom design for the main law firm brand, but then launch a template site for their blog, niche practice areas and more. In fact, we can launch multiple sites fast and on a friendly budget. How do law firm templates work? Base the template upon your existing custom website. Yes, you first need to design something unique for your brand. We generally do not use template sites for new designs, unless the law firm's budget necessitates. Once your brand is established, then you can quickly and easily create practice area sites and blogs; a template site will work fine for those sites. Why do law firm templates work? Fast – Template sites speed up production time. Clients can get a practice area site online in as little as a day. Think of that. If a new class action happens, a firm can beat everyone to the market. Unified Brand – Template sites also maintain the firm brand. The firm has a unified look throughout all their websites. The content changes, but the overall framework, layout and branding are maintained. Nice! Lower Cost – Template sites lower the cost substantially. This allows your law firm to put the budget into content writing, SEO and advertising. These are things that will matter long-term.

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