Latest Search and Seizures

In Skokie, Cook County Illinois , over $250,000 of counterfeited sports gear was seized from a warehouse in the suburbs of Chicago. Ki Hwan Ahn, the store's owner, has been investigated by police after receiving suspicious information about the store. The store had software to create stolen logos and large amounts of sports memorabilia. Over 10,000 items were found, such as clothing and hats of sports teams. In Santa Ana, Orange County California, over $200,000 of counterfeited designer jeans was seized from a store in a local shopping center. Jair Garcia Hernandez, the iDress store manager, is being held for selling trademarked products without authorization. The denim store location in Westfield's MainPlace mall sold jeans from designers such as True Religion for around $125, which normally sell for over $300. While investigators and police believe there will be more arrests made in connection with the counterfeits, Hernandez is currently the only person being held.

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