Late Bid Revision Costs Bidder The Award

When a bidder submits a bid under a sealed bid procurement, it is responsible for ensuring that the bid is timely submitted. But what happens if a bidder wants to revise a bid that’s already been submitted? As a recent GAO case shows, even a revised bid must be timely submitted in order for it to be considered. If a bidder tries to revise its bid too late in the process, it might end up costing itself the award. The facts in Williams Building Company, Inc., B-415317.3 (April 12, 2018) are pretty interesting. The Department of Veterans Affairs issued an invitation for bids for construction services and scheduled the bid opening for 9:00 on September 13. Williams Building Company submitted its bid at 8:30 but, as the deadline for opening drew close, it asked the Contracting Officer if it could change the bid. The Contracting Officer handed the bid back to Williams, who changed the bid and resubmitted it at 9:02. One minute later, the Contracting Officer opened the bids,…

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