Labor Day Love

Each year, we as a nation set aside one day to recognize all the hard-working people that help make this country great. In my humble opinion, that's not nearly enough. Why not extend the Labor Day love at least 24 hours this year by planning something nice for your employees when everyone returns to work next Tuesday? Bring in Krispy Kremes for everyone to share. Treat everybody to lunch in the company cafeteria or maybe even Taco Bell. Dust and vacuum their cubicles. Sing 'em a song. Buy 'em a car. Study after study shows that workers who feel valued by their employers are happier, better team players, more productive and – as an added bonus that makes the employment lawyer in me smile – waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less likely to sue. As the employer of more than three million employees worldwide, we at ManpowerGroup are always looking for creative ways to make employees feel loved. We'd love to hear how you do it. Please leave a comment below or shoot me an email at with your most creative and inspirational employee recognition ideas. The very best one will win a fabulous prize. Enjoy the weekend!

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