La. city rules door-to-door solicitors must have business license

Door-to-door solicitors working in Morgan City, Louisiana, will be required to obtain a business license under new laws. The ordinance states that solicitors must pass a background check, file and application with the city and pay $75 for a business license, the Standard Examiner reported. They will also be required to wear a badge to show that they are legally allowed to do business in the city. The move was taken to protect consumers from unregulated salesmen. City attorney Gary Crane told the news provider: "It is meant to protect people from people you don't know that don't have good intentions." Any solicitors found still working without a license will be issued a Class B misdemeanor and could be arrested. They will be considered to be trespassing if they fail to leave a customer's property after the customer expresses disinterest. However, there are exceptions to the ordinance. Nonprofit groups including the Boy Scouts who go door-to-door for fundraising initiatives will not be required to have a business license.

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