Jury Hits Royal Caribbean With $1.7 Million Verdict for Injured Crew Member

A jury reached a verdict yesterday in the amount of $1,700,000 against cruise giant, Royal Caribbean Cruises, here in Miami. The crew member is a musician who slipped on stage and suffered an injured shoulder which required surgery and ended his music career. The Miami Herald reports on the case this morning, explaing that the defense lawyers for the cruise line suggested to the jury that they award less than $130,000 for the crew member's injuries. The case is now being discussed on USA TODAY 's Cruise Log, a popular cruise blog frequented mostly by cruise fans. The type of comments on this website are often in defense of the cruise industry. You will often read comments that a verdict like this will cause cruise fares to increase. The fact of the matter is that Royal Caribbean will collect over $6,000,000,000 (billion $) from its passengers this year. It will pay $0 in Federal taxes because it registered its business in Liberia and flies flags of foreign countries to avoid taxes, safety laws, and wage regulations. It is also part of an international "Protection and Indemnity" insurance group with hundreds of billions of dollars in assets. The verdict will have no effect on the cruise line or any of its cruise passengers. Royal Caribbean is considered by many to be the worst cruise line in Miami regarding the mistreatment of ill or injured crew members. Take a moment and read: Royal Caribbean Cruises – An Epidemic of Sick, Injured & Neglected Crew Members Cruise Ship Medical Care – Royal Caribbean Gives Their Crew Members the Royal Shaft Leave a comment below if you agree or disagree.

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