A jury in Middlesex County today awarded $39 million to Hussen Agiz against Heller Industrial Park for the serious injuries he sustained when his motorcycle was hit by a drag racer in the industrial park on July 12, 2012. Mr. Agiz suffered the loss of one leg and one arm as well as other seriously body injuries. The jury deliberated 3 hours before the Honorable Michael V. Cresitello, Jr., before rendering the verdict. Mr. Agiz is completing his degree in mechanical engineering and plans to work as an Engineer devoted to helping those with disability. His attorney Bruce Nagel of the Roseland Firm Nagel Rice stated: “While the verdict can never return to our client the limbs that he lost, it will give him a small measure of comfort in the future. We thank the jury for their hard work and wonderful verdict.” The post JURY AWARDED $39 MILLION TO ACCIDENT VICTIM appeared first on Nagel Rice LLP.

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