Jones Act Inclusion of Surfboards as ‘Vessels’ Creates W.C. Issues for Hawaii

What is the Jones Act? Otherwise known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, the Jones Act brought into maritime law new rules of liability never before applied under the general maritime law. Section 33 of the Merchant Marine Act of June 5, 1920 is the pertinent section, commonly called “the Jones Act”, allowing a seaman suffering personal injury in the course of his employment to file an action for damages at law against his employer with a right of trial by jury. Thus, it is essential to hire a Jones Act lawyer who can properly navigate the complexities of your maritime personal injury claim.  The Definition of ‘Vessel’ in the Jones Act The Jones Act specifically protects “Seamen”; it is applicable to “Any seaman who shall suffer personal injury in the court of his employment, etc.” The fact question of whether the injured party is a “seaman” as defined by the “Jones Act” is of extreme important in…

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