Jobs, Patent Reform, and the Entrepreneurial Spirit; a Podcast

Luckily for me, we made time between meetings to visit one of Charley's heroes For the better part of this week, Charley and I were in Washington, D.C., among the monuments, memorials and yes, the government bodies and lobbyists. As my first trip to the national capital, and indeed the capitol, the two sides of my self collided – the history geek, who loved the Lincoln memorial, and the girl with an opinion on everything, learning first-hand how politics actually operates. While we were in "the loop," we met with our friends and partners over at NFIB (National Federation of Independent Businesses) to shoot seven how-to videos for small businesses. We also met with some representatives from the SBA (Small Business Association). Within the SBA, speaking with the office of advocacy, and the office of investment and innovation, we had some questions answered about the current debate raging over the economy, and our eyes opened to government and private collaborations of programs such as Startup America – something we will continue to look in to and explain in the coming weeks. In this week's podcast, we bring you the news from the capital and talk more about the debate over jobs raging in Congress – from the President's plan (and all its components), to Speaker Boehner's rebuttal and then to the long-awaited patent reform hoping to help small businesses and boost U.S. competitiveness. Take a listen and tell us what you think: Related articles President's Tax Incentive Plan for Economic Recovery( President's Plan from Unemployed to Entrepreneur ( Boehner Argues G.O.P. Case in Jobs Speech ( Obama signs patent reform bill ( Will Patent Reform Help Small Businesses and Independent Inventors? ( {lang: 'ar'}

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