Jim Carey's Daughter, Jane, to Divorce Husband

Could marrying too young lead to divorce? Could conceiving a child out of wedlock lead to divorce? If you read between the lines, one could deduce that this is what happened with Jim Carey's daughter, Jane, and her husband. It was reported earlier this week that Jim Carrey's daughter, Jane, has already separated from husband, Alex Santana, after only one year of marriage and after one child. The couple have one 9 month old child together, Jackson Riley. As we have stated many times on this blog, divorce is never easy. Once children are involved, the process of divorce becomes amplified….emotions are involved, a child's life and future is at stake, child support issues arise, among other issues. Depending on the severity of the issues involving custody and visitation, sometimes a minors' counsel or an Evidence Code section 730 evaluator will have to get involved to determine an appropriate parenting plan for the child. Either way, divorce is never easy. It's time consuming, stressful and emotional on all levels. An Orange County divorce attorney can assist you in any divorce related matter you may have. Source: Jim Carey's daughter Jane Splits from Husband

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