Is there Life After Bankruptcy?

If You HAVE to File, Is There Life After Bankruptcy? Recently a client sent me a lovely email discussing how well things had worked for them a short time after they had filed a bankruptcy. This is not to say that bankruptcy is a cure-all for what ails ya, or that it's fun, or easy. It's not. But sometimes it's the right tool for the job. So if you're scared to death about bankruptcy, good! You're paying attention! But some people get a very good result, if they work hard after they file. NOTHING IN THIS BANKRUPTCY BLOG CONSTITUTES LEGAL ADVICE RE A CHAPTER 7, CHAPTER 13, CHAPTER 11, OR CHAPTER 12. FIND AN ARIZONA BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY WHO IS BOARD CERTIFIED IN BANKRUPTCY LAW, AV RATED, AVVO 10 RATED, ON SUPERLAWYERS, OR JUST VERY EXPERIENCED AND A FORMER CHAIR OF SOME BANKRUPTCY SECTION OR COMMITTEE. NOTHING HERE MAY BE USED AS LEGAL ADVICE IN CONNECTION WITH ANY BANKRUPTCY, WHETHER THAT BANKRUPTCY IS IN PHOENIX, GLENDALE, TEMPE, MESA, SCOTTSDALE, OR ANYWHERE ELSE.

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