Is ICANN Accountable to the Global Public Interest? ICANN Ignores Non-Commercial Users in Internet P

The message is clear. ICANN has forgotten who it works for – us – Internet users – including noncommercial users. Now is the time to remind ICANN that it must be accountable to the global public interest or it has no business in Internet governance. Tell ICANN to listen to noncommercial users and not to impose the stranglehold charter on noncommercial users against our will. Thomas Jefferson noted that the exercise of political power without the consent of the governed is illegitimate. ICANNs attempt to impose a governance structure on noncommercial users against our will calls into question ICANNs legitimacy to govern; it undermines confidence in ICANNs commitment to democratic values; and it appears ICANN is unable to protect the broader public interest against commercial pressures. We must remind ICANN to protect the public interest and the rights of noncommercial users – all of us. Send a quick email to ICANN today.

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