Is a Secondary Termite Inspection Necessary?

Prior to entering into a contract to purchase a property, a prospective buyer normally conducts an engineering inspection to evaluate the property's integrity. As part of that inspection, the engineer will check for any termite damage to the property. However, is this inspection sufficient to assess whether the property is free of termites? Generally, and depending on the location of the property, yes. However, an engineering inspection will often not uncover the extent, if any, of termite damage due to the fact that an engineer will not pull back flooring or look through walls to determine if there is any current or prior termite infestation. Often times, only when a property is gutted for renovation will a buyer determine the true extent of termite damage. It is therefore recommended that if a property is situated in an area where termites are known to exist, such as wooded or tree lined areas, that a full termite inspection be conducted by a reputable and specialized extermination company. A specialized termite inspector will probe into walls and floors to determine if any termite damage exists. Additionally, a termite inspector can install monitoring stations around the property which may gather and detect termites during the time the property is in contract. If termites are detected, then remediation and further inspection can be conducted prior to closing. This can save a buyer significant headaches, and money, prior to completing the purchase of a property.

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