IPSC session 3 (trade secret then copyright)

Session 3: Trade Secrets, Courtney Cox, Can the Law Force You to Lie? The Use of Deceptive Precautions to Protect Trade SecretsReasonable measures to protect the secret are generally required. Should you have to engage in deception, or deceptive misdirection (answering a related question but not what was asked, or answering partially as if it were fully) to be reasonable?  Lying/misinformation can cause real harms to others, if they rely on your representation to do something, and there are dignitary harms in being lied to/treated as an object.  Concerns about trust: if everyone lies when it’s convenient, then representations become incredible.Companies do in fact lie to protect trade secrets.  E.g., putting out that security officers are listening at the local bar.  Or putting in a deliberate error in a map to identify copiers.  How I Met Your Mother: to protect the finale, they mislabeled scripts/casting calls; Game of Thrones films fake scripts…

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