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Keynote: The State of IP Scholarship – Rebecca Eisenberg When she began, patent scholarship in the academy was minimal.  Early 1980s, CAFC creation prolonged the ghettoization of patent law, even though the field was poised for greater integration into the legal system as law firms began to see the potential. Fed. Cir.’s early years provided targets for scholarly commentary, but wasn’t interested in legal scholarship. Not that motivating to write for them and be ignored.  Consolidation also meant that 1980s didn’t see many patent SCt cases. So not clear who the audience was for it, and doctrinal scholarship was out of fashion; interdisciplinary scholarship was considered more intellectually serious.Early years after Bayh-Dole: people starting to get interested in patent law because it was in their way; scientists encountering the patent system and worried about its impact on traditional practices/norms/scientific exchange. They became an…

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