Intestate Laws – What Do You Need to Know?

“I’ve got to do a Will so that the government doesn’t get everything!”  I cannot tell you the number of times I have heard some version of this sentiment.  While I am a certainly a proponent of having and regularly updating a Will, preventing the government from getting everything is not actually one of the reasons you need a Will.  Those of you who have read my Myths of Estate Planning series might remember some examples I have given about how probate assets are distributed when a person fails to have a Will. In this series of posts, we will help you understand what could happen if your estate is distributed according to Pennsylvania intestate rules. If you die without a Will, you are considered to die intestate and your probate estate will be divided according to the Intestate Succession statutes.   The statutes were created to provide an organized, methodical method to dispose of someone’s estate when they fail to do so…

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