Interrupted Childhoods and Overrepresentation in the Wrong Places

Race is an artificial and arbitrary social construct, and there is no biological or scientific basis for the racial distinctions we make between people. It is a function of our history and our misconceptions of how people have existed or migrated around the world, and our racial definitions have changed drastically over time based on different environmental and social factors. Given the lack of objective basis for racial definitions, some people query why we track racial statistics in society at all. Doing so has the potential to ingrain these social constructs and divisions even further, and prevent us from treating all human beings equally. The problem is that we do not treat all humans equally, and even if we stopped tracking racial statistics, the effects of the erroneous beliefs around races would still persist and have an effect on policies and practices in society. One example of this in Canada would be how we treat Indigenous and Black children in the child welfare…

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