INTERPOL Elects South Korean President, But Concerns About Red Notice Abuse Loom

After a snap election in Dubai, South Korean Kim Jong Yang has officially been named INTERPOL’s new president. Multiple news sources had previously reported that Alexander Prokopchuk, a Russian who has served as the INTERPOL vice chair for Europe since 2016, was the favorite to become the next President of INTERPOL.In recent weeks, Prokopchuk’s strong bid for the presidency led many international actors, including the United States, to openly decry the misuse of INTERPOL by authoritarian regimes as a political tool. These allegations did not begin with the Russian candidate.  In fact, Chinese use of the ‘red notice’system under Meng Hongwei to target political and ideological opponents led groups like Human Rights Watch to declare that the system has long been abused to support particular political agendas. Sources show that in recent years there has been a sharp increase in the number of diffusions (in which a country requests that INTERPOL issue…

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