Internet Marketing Success Story – Attorney Eugene Lee

Content marketing is all the rage these days. The philosophy is that if you deliver valuable content to your potential clients (and referral sources), you will get more business. This certainly seems to be true for California Employment Law Attorney Eugene Lee. He delivers valuable information online through his blog, "California Labor and Employment Law," and gains clients as a result. For instance, a doctor who found Lee through the internet, turned out to be one of his biggest clients. Furthermore, a client testimonial on states "When I needed help and a better understanding of my situation, I happened upon Eugene Lee on the internet." Clearly Lee has made himself available to his market with his web presence. Lee started blogging in 2006 about labor and employment matters. His writing style is perfect for his target audience (employees). In plain language he covers topics such as taking a leave of absence and filing a discrimination complaint. Furthermore, his articles are sorted into "Topics" so prospects can find pertinent articles. In addition to having remarkable content on his blog, Eugene has a FAQ section on his law firm website. He answers questions such as, "Can I be fired because my boss doesn't like me?" A FAQ section is ideal for a legal website because an attorney can answer a commonly asked question, without repeating himself time and again. Lee supplements his web presence with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Avvo. Through Facebook he has a "California Labor and Employment Law" page, where he broadcasts links to employment law tips and news. His profile on is really exceptional with a perfect score of 10. This may be explained in part by the glowing client reviews and 39 endorsements he has received from other lawyers. In conclusion, Attorney Eugene Lee has truly honed his content marketing skills. He uses the internet to educate employees about workplace rights. And because "what goes around comes around" he has attained success as a labor lawyer as a result.

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