Injury at the worksite

Injury at the worksite Crockett v Safir, 269 AD2 227 Donna Crockett, a New York City police officer, was injured while on duty. She was "brushing her teeth in the ladies' room of a police building." A mirror dislodged and struck her. Crockett's asked that her injury be designated as "line-of-duty," thereby entitling her reimbursement for her hospital bills. Her request was denied. The Commissioner ruled that Crockett was not "actually employed in discharging the orders of a superior officer at the time of the accident," as required by the statute. The Appellate Division affirmed the Commissioner's decision, holding that his interpreting the statute to exclude personal hygiene not undertaken at the direction of a superior officer was not irrational. If, said the court, benefits were to be provided for any accidental injuries sustained while on duty by police officers, the Administrative Code would have so provided or at least used language similar to the "city-service" language used in Section 13-252 of the city's Administrative Code concerning accident disability retirement. .

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