Industry Color Clusters

I recently read Nora Reed's blog post, Locate your Brand on the Color Spectrum, on Logoblog. Nora identified a trend, which you may have noticed from time to time, that some industries tend to congregate in a specific color scheme. For example, fast food logos tend to be in the red/yellow category, while social networking sites predominately use blue for their logos. Similarly, I see many red and green pizza franchise logos. So why is this? Is it a tendency to imitate your competitor? Do these colors tend to create a particular feeling or notion that these brand owners seek? Or are these companies oblivious to the ability to differentiate their trademark through the use of color? Do you notice the brands that have gone against this trend? For example, the Culver's brand has gone against the fast food trend by using the color blue. Do these color choices impact your opinion of these brands?

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