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The next iPhone – which it seems like most everyone is now predicting will be called the iPhone 5 – must be coming soon given the explosion of posting about it on the Internet. I won't link to all of the rumors and supposed leaked photos of what it will look like; a lot of them look fake to me, just attempts to grab attention. But I do suspect that we are now just a few weeks (or less) away from hearing from Apple. And now, the news of the week: When the next iPhone does come out, John Paczkowski of All Things D reports on a recent study finding that there is "unprecedented" demand. "In other words, we could see a very large iPhone upgrade cycle, come October – large enough that RBC has raised its estimate for fiscal 2012 iPhone sales to 110 million, up from 105 million." I'll be one of those 110 million. My personal approach to writing briefs is to start with a basic outline in my head but to quickly jump right into the writing, and then later I edit and move paragraphs around so that everything fits into a tight outline. However, if you prefer to prepare a full outline before you start writing, you'll want to read this article that California attorney David Sparks wrote for Macworld about his use of OPML, a file format for creating outlines, and iPad apps that work with OPML. Florida attorney Christopher Hopkins writes about using iPhone location data in discovery in an article for Trial Advocate Quarterly, a publication of the Florida Defense Lawyers Association. Maryland attorney Erek Barron writes about the rise of smartphone technology. There is nothing new about attorneys creating publications describing an area of law. These documents can help clients understand the law, and they demonstrate to the client (and potential client) that the attorney has expertise. What is new is for law firms to use iPhone apps instead of printed brochures. McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP recently released Mergers & Acquisitions Quick Reference Guide, a free iPhone app that discusses the topics involved in a merger or acquisition. Click here to get Mergers & Acquisitions Quick Reference Guide (free): This app reminds me of the Book of Jargon series of apps produced by Latham & Watkins. Travel+Leisure magazine just proclaimed New Orleans the best city in the U.S. for Food, Drink and Restaurants and also the best city for Foodies. No, that has nothing to do with the iPhone or iPad; this is just information that you should know. Galen Gruman of InfoWorld explains how the iPad has changed his life over the past year. Dan Levine writes an article for The American Lawyer about technology desired by law firm associates. Here's my condensed version of the article: give your associates iPads, and they are happy. I see that I've never reviewed the TripIt app for the iPhone and iPad, but it is actually one of my favorite apps for when I travel. Kevin Tofel of GigaOm reports on data from TripIt gathered from all of its smartphone users, and apparently BlackBerry owners have more business trips than iPhone users. So I guess if you find a BlackBerry owner complaining about all of the travel that he has to do, tell him to get an iPhone. And finally, this probably isn't something that many of us think about, but one of the advantages of the iPhone and iPad is that Apple has spent a lot of time trying to make them accessible to people with disabilities. I'm always amazed when a partner of mine whose son is blind tells me how much her son loves his iPhone. With the flat screen and minimal buttons it seems counter-intuitive for a blind person to use an iPhone or iPad, but Apple has spent a lot of time making it work by turning the visual interface into audio. One of the YouTube videos making the rounds this week is of Stevie Wonder at the Echoplex in Los Angeles on September 11. Wonder talks about 9/11, but also takes the time to complement Apple and Steve Jobs. The video is below if you want to watch it, and here is what he says at around the 4:30 mark: "I want y'all to give a hand to someone who, as you know, his health is very bad at this time. For someone who, his company took the challenge in making his technology accessible to everyone, in the spirit of caring and moving the world forward, Steve Jobs. Because there is nothing on the iPhone or iPad that you can do that I can't do. As a matter of fact, I can be talking to you, you can be looking at me, and I can be doing whatever I need to do and you don't even know what I'm doing. Yeah!"

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