In search of Diane Carmody-Wynne.

Do any of you know Diane Carmody-Wynne, and where I might find her? She taught my college freshman English seminar entitled America in the Sixties, which opened my eyes to Jack Kerouac and the beat generation, Soul on Ice, Susan Sontag, Dispatches by Michael Herr, Doris Lessing, the Winter Soldier Investigation, Going After Cacciato , Joan Didion, and more. My inquries on Twitter and Facebook, and indirectly to an author who knows her (through the publisher of Inga Karetnikova's Seven Masterpieces of 1940's Cinema) have so far yielded no results, other than a reply from her fellow English instructor who also was unable to find her awhile back. Perhaps someone googling Diane will find this blog entry, and will know where to find her, so that I may reconnect.

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