Improved Economy: Now I Can Afford A Divorce!

Like every other aspect of divorce, the reasons why people divorce are almost always exactly the opposite of what you would expect in a normal situation. The divorce rate that fell as the country slipped into recession is rising again, according to the Financial Times. "There is huge pent-up demand," said Marshal Willick, a Las Vegas matrimonial attorney, who has noted an upturn in his business. During the recession, couples who were out of work or unable to sell their house stayed married to save money and because their assets (or, what they would get out of the divorce) were worth far less than what they thought would justify the divorce. The percentage of the population 15 years and older who counted themselves divorced dropped to 9.7 in 2009, from 9.9 three years earlier, according to the Census Bureau. More than half of the 1,600 attorneys who are members of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers reported a downturn in their business in 2009, the most recent year for which survey data are available. Now, those same lawyers are inundated with new clients. Why? Because the improved economy pumps more money into the household, making it easier to afford the divorce. Lawyers fees, separate households, child support, and asset division are all easier to manage when there is more money to go around. Divorce is absolutely and consistently backwards! For more information on divorce in New York, please contact me at

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