Immigrants Make Up Significant Portion of Healthcare Workers

As individuals in the U.S. are living longer and requiring more medical care, and the Baby Boomers are entering retirement and old age, the demand for healthcare workers also has grown. In the state of Texas, immigrants have stepped in to fill many healthcare industry jobs, including those in both the formal and informal caretaker industry. Unfortunately, many of these healthcare industry jobs go unfilled by Americans because they traditionally pay low wages and have poor working conditions. Furthermore, when immigrant workers are undocumented, they may be more susceptible to the exploitation that often pervades informal personal care arrangements. These low-level jobs, however, may be some of the only jobs within reach of undocumented immigrants, since they may not require a high school diploma or even any work experience. Not a great deal of skill is required, and the jobs tend to be plentiful. According to a recent report from the American Immigration Council, almost 316,000…

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